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The Tiktok story


While living in New York in December 2021, I got Covid performing a cabaret. I was devastated that I could no longer visit my family for the holidays. Alone in my apartment, I heard of Betty White's passing. She had always been such an inspirational woman, and one of my followers on Tiktok suggested that I do a look to honor her. This seemed like a fun way to pass my time. I looked up pictures of Betty White and shaped my face to hers. That night, the video went viral.

Now, I've done dozens of celebrity and characters look and done acting and singing as them on Tiktok with over 260,000 followers supporting me.

My life changed that night. I now have a real platform where I can be artistic and creative. I've also been able to sponsor products I love and help many people on their own creative journeys.

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